Installing a new fence

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If you’re here, you’re probably thinking of installing a new fence.

In a poem he wrote, Robert Frost once quoted an old adage: “Good fences make good neighbors.” That pretty much sums up why putting up a fence is a sound investment.

Whether you’ve had one before or this will be the first time to get one, perimeter fencing is a crucial part of your home or building. It is your first line of defense against virtually everything that walks on land, whether a wild animal, a human intruder, or rushing vehicle.

Aside from securing the safety and privacy of your home, having a perimeter fence can also increase the value of your home, boosting its marketability should you decide to sell or lease it. But to be able to achieve this, you’ll need an attractive-looking fence; one that’s installed by the professionals.

Are you new to the idea of fencing? Unfamiliar with it? Here are some fundamental tips you need to know before installing a new fence around your home or building.

A good fence can serve functional and aesthetic uses. Ideally, you’ll want to incorporate both decorative and practical traits when determining which type of fencing to use for your property. There are four common types of fencing materials: vinyl, wood or wood panel, aluminum, and wire or chain link.

For residential properties, you might want to consider wood or wood panel for a traditional look. You can also choose vinyl or ornamental aluminum for privacy purposes; these two materials are also appropriate for business or commercial properties.

Why Do People set up Fences?

Robert Frost’s quote would seem relevant in today’s landscape. As more people move to the cities, and homes are often built near each other, privacy is a precious commodity that is gradually dwindling.

As many places have become too crowded for comfort, an ideal location where you can reclaim your right to enjoy privacy is at home. With a perimeter fence, your property becomes an excellent haven for relaxation without fear, apprehension, or anxiety. With the benefits of seclusion that you’ve always wanted, the benefits of privacy will greatly outweigh the cost you invested in setting up your fence.

Security is another common reason most people put up a perimeter fence around their properties. If you’re looking to improve the quality of life for you and your family at home, you want a safe and secluded environment where you can freely move about without trepidation or worry. To achieve this, setting up a perimeter fence is crucial to enhancing the security and safety within your property. Then you can let the kids or pets run without worrying about their safety. You won’t have to think about uninvited guests entering your backyard.

Your perimeter fence can also be a fantastic selling point that can increase the value of your property. On the part of the prospective buyer, it’s one less thing to take care after they’ve bought their new home.

Boundary identification, intruder deterrent, property containment, and aesthetic addition: these are some of the best words to describe a perimeter fence. If you’re interested in installing a new fence in Salt Lake City, get in touch with US Vinyl Fence. Contact us at (801) 262-6429 or (800) 666-2467 to get a free quote.

Privacy Fence

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Setting up a privacy fence is a great way to have a barrier against unwanted intruders. It offers protection from stray animals and people. In the same way, it keeps your children and pets safe while they are in the yard. With the right materials, a privacy fence can also help prevent unwanted noise from coming in.

With a privacy fence, you can feel safe and secure within your property. You can simply leave your children running around your garden without fearing for their safety. You do not need to worry about your kids inadvertently stepping outside the yard and into the street. More importantly, you will not have to think about strangers getting inside your property and who knows what they are going to do once they get in.

A privacy fence can give you a sense of security. It offers refuge and protection against undesirable elements. You can simply leave your laptop, phone, or other valuables on the lawn table without fearing that some stranger might snatch it.

Are you into gardening? Installing a privacy fence also affords a barrier between your plant life and yard. You can easily create wonderful landscaping designs with it. And since they can be easily washed, a privacy fence requires little upkeep and maintenance.

Prevent Prying Eyes and Intrusion with a Privacy Fence

If you are planning to enclose the boundaries of your property, why don’t you consider installing a privacy fence? To ensure the privacy of your family, it is highly recommended that the fence should be at least six feet tall.

The most common reasons why people set up a privacy fence are to obscure the view from the outside. It also lets kids play in the yard safely while keeping the pets securely. For people wanting to set up outdoor meals and parties in the yard, a privacy fence can ensure privacy while these activities are going on.

In addition to its security feature, a privacy fence also serves aesthetic purposes. It can be devised in such a way to compliment the home’s exterior while being a wonderful focal point for the landscaping.

Finding a Privacy Fence That Suits Your Home

There are two common materials used in privacy fencing: wood and vinyl. Wood may be cheaper but vinyl requires the least maintenance. The great thing about vinyl is that it is more durable and long lasting compared to wood. And since vinyl is available in many styles and finishes, you can still achieve that classic wooden look and add a nice looking touch to your yard.

Do you need ideas for your privacy fencing plans? If you are looking for a privacy fence in Salt Lake City, come to US Vinyl Fence. We offer sound advice, expert solutions, and high-quality products.

For more than 40 years, US Vinyl Fence provides the best fencing solutions in Salt Lake City and the nearby communities in Utah. If you are considering on getting a privacy fence in Salt Lake City, we are the premier source for exceptional materials and supplies.

As Utah’s most trusted fencing supplier, we are committed to delivering the best to all our customers. With our extensive range of services and fencing solutions, you can rely on us to help you boost the value of your home and yard while enhancing its privacy, security, and safety. Look to us when you need a privacy fence in Salt Lake City.

With unwavering commitment to serve your needs, we are dedicated to providing custom solutions that are focused on meeting your unique needs. With fencing solutions that can withstand the harsh elements that cause wear and tear, trust us to provide you with the best. When you need a privacy fence in Salt Lake City, make us your number one choice.

Do you have questions? Are you looking for a privacy fence in Salt Lake City? Contact us today at (801) 262-6429.

Vinyl Railings

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Are planning to put railings in or around your home? Take out the hassle and choose vinyl materials. Not only does it add aesthetic appeal, but vinyl railings are also more durable and highly reliable in terms of functionality.

Vinyl railings are comparatively superior to the wood ones. Why, you might ask? Here are some of the common wood railing killers. Let us start with the poor construction.

No matter how intent you are at keeping your wood railings in tiptop shape, it will still likely fail. It is not that wood is a flimsy material when used as a railing material; in most cases, a poorly constructed wood railing is doomed to fail. Thus, it does not matter how well you are doing at maintaining it.

However, let us just say the wood railing was properly constructed and fastened. Of course, there is also a factor of wood rotting. Compared to the vinyl material, wood decays and deteriorates at a faster rate. The relentless weather elements will cause the wood material to rot over time. The hot, summer sun will make the wood material brittle, causing it to split or crack. Rain, on the other hand, will accelerate the rotting process because of moisture.

If you are planning to install a railing near trees or tall plants in your yard, it is best to choose a vinyl material. Heavy tree branches that fall on any wood-based railing will cause damage; this is likely to happen during a storm or typhoon. In addition, wood railings will surely rot faster as leaves, tree bark, dirt, and other organic matter will lodge between boards. The rotting process will accelerate further as the wet season approaches.

In addition, it is best for wood materials to steer clear from water sprinklers, swimming pool, or any source of moisture. For this reason, the vinyl material works best.

Benefits of Vinyl Railings

Vinyl is the perfect material when you want to put up railings in or around your home. Not only is it very durable and sturdy, but it also looks great too. Vinyl railing can withstand the force or pressure should anything heavy fall on it such as tree branches.

And did we mention vinyl railings are aesthetically pleasing? Here at US Vinyl Fence, we offer a wide range of designs, colors, and styles. If you want to mimic the appearance of wood, we got that too! Also, our vinyl railings are designed to be highly resistant to harmful UV rays.

As the leading provider of exceptionally outstanding vinyl railings Salt Lake City, we also offer a complete range of environmentally friendly supplies. Our vinyl railings do not consist of any harmful compounds such as lead. What’s more, our materials can last up to 30 years.

We also provide the most versatile vinyl railings Salt Lake City. Our railing supplies are perfect for animal enclosures, pool barriers, and privacy fencing. Moreover, since they look good, you do not have to worry about upsetting your neighbor as you fence them off with these railings.

In addition, our vinyl railings are easy to clean. You can simply spray them with water; this is something you cannot do with wood railings because the moisture can cause the material to rot. Vinyl railings, on the other hand, are not susceptible to mold or mildew and certainly to termites. So if you are looking for the low-maintenance vinyl railings Salt Lake City, get in touch with US Vinyl Fence.

Why hassle yourself with wood railings when you can enjoy the durability, beauty, and functionality of vinyl railings?

If you are considering on getting vinyl railings Salt Lake City, go straight to the source. Look to US Vinyl Fence. We are the premier provider of high-quality vinyl railings Salt Lake City.

For your questions or to get an estimate, please contact us at (801) 262-6429.

Composite Decking Products | US Vinyl Fence | Article

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Are you planning on sprucing up your backyard with a deck? Adding a deck to your home conjures up images of idyllic afternoons reading or napping during warm sunny afternoons. It would also be great for festive get-togethers with family and friends, barbecuing on the grill with cold beverages on hand. If you want to dine and relax outdoors, it would be a whole lot better if you have a comfortable and clean place to do it.

There are other alternative outdoor spaces like a patio or green grass under your feet for a more romantic set up, but a deck beats all of that as it extends your living space. It creates a clear flow of space from your home to the outdoors without you or your guest getting grass or mud on their shoes. Having a deck to your home can add aesthetic value to your home in terms of enjoyment. One of the great advantages to having this addition is that it can also be a real asset for future re-sale value.

If you are considering on getting a deck, choosing the design and materials can be a bit tiring. Every homeowner wants any addition to his or her homes to be perfect. However, one of the downsides to getting deck especially the wooden ones is maintaining that elevated expanse of lumber. It can be a downright chore, what with all the staining, bleaching, and scrubbing it requires to maintain its appearance. You would also need to replace any board if it gets warped, rotten, or splintered, to prevent any accidents. However, you need not worry, as there are now alternatives to the high maintenance wood decking.

A great alternative is composite decking. Composite decking is made from wood waste and recycled plastic. The composites are made from one of many polymers. Added to it is finely ground wood flour and additives that stabilize the plastic as well as protect it from UV damage. The demand for composite decking products in Salt Lake City has risen in the past decades. When it first came out people were a bit put off because they were fake looking and were limited to one or two colors. But advancement in technology over the recent years now have come up with products that have been able to replicate the look of wood without the required high maintenance routine of wood decks.

Modern day composite decking products in Salt Lake City now uses a combination of plastic and wood fibers. The newer products also come in different types of colors, grain patterns and thickness. And the great thing about these new composite decking materials is that they have the color all the way through the boards instead of just a coating unlike the ones from decades ago. So scratches are hidden, and the boards with remain stain free and will not fade. One of the features of composite decking is they are not only mold resistant but also insect and rot resistant as well.

We, at US Vinyl Fence, will give you the dream outdoor space you always wanted. We have over 40 years’ experience in the decking business and have been providing excellent service to homeowners in Salt Lake City. For unsurpassed first class quality composite decking products in Salt Lake City come to US Vinyl Fence. For more information, visit our website at Or call us at 801-262-6429. Our friendly and helpful staff would be happy to serve you.

Fencing Supply Utah

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Are you looking to enclose an area? Would you like to protect your lot from trespassers? Do you want to secure your privacy or safeguard your premises? Setting up a fence around the perimeter will do the trick. It is an effective way to shield your property from people, animals, or object that may intrude or breach your borders.

Fences also serve as your first line of defense against rodents that seek to infiltrate and destroy your belongings. Some of the commonly used fencing materials include bamboo, vinyl, wood, and metal. In addition to its defense and fortification purposes, fences can also serve as an aesthetic component that can accentuate the beauty of your garden. Do you need information about fencing supply Utah? Get in touch with the leading provider of fencing services. Come to US Vinyl Fence.

With over 40 years of experience in bringing complete fencing solutions to Salt Lake City, US Vinyl Fence is the premier source of materials, supplies, and services. With their help, they can help improve the look of your landscape, enhance your security and privacy, fortify your perimeter defense, and boost the value of your property. When it comes to fencing supply Utah. You can trust US Vinyl Fence.

Premier Provider of Fencing Supply Utah

US Vinyl Fence manufactures and sells top-rate, first-class fencing, railing, and decking materials. The products are of premium materials; their products can reliable and durable, able to withstand the wear and tear and the test of time. You can trust us to deliver fencing solutions that can stay irrepressible even under the harshest of conditions.

What’s more, US Vinyl Fence delivers eco-friendly products. All solutions are carefully created to ensure that they are in harmony with Mother Nature. If you choose them, you can be sure that they are safe to the community and the environment.

With their unwavering commitment to bring customized solutions that centers on their clients’ needs, assurance of quality and superiority of their products and services. Your satisfaction and convenience are their priority. You can trust their personnel to finish the job quickly and safely and with minimal disruption on your part. When you need help with a fencing concept. Get in touch with US Vinyl Fence. With your ideas and budget in mind, their experienced people can give you additional insights and will work with you.

Trusted, Committed, Dedicated

Through the years, US Vinyl Fence remains at the top in the business. They have a growing clientele and more than 40 years in the industry. A true testament to their commitment to bring excellence and quality in all they do.

Whether you are an architect, a builder or a homeowner, you can benefit from the top-rate solutions that US Vinyl Fence has to offer. When you need stylish and durable fencing supply Utah, get in touch with this company. Contact them at 801-262-6429 or 800-666-2467.